Hitler’s Daughter review

This story is about a game that is played. It is a story telling game. One day Anna decides to tell a much different story to an ordinary one she would tell.

I found this book very interesting and detailed. The parts I enjoyed the most was when Anna was telling the story. This novel was enjoyable to read throughout the whole book. I recommend it to kids that are over ten years old because the are some parts in the book that might scare young children. This story is now one of my favourites.

Tanka Poems

Shadows are dancing
Bonfires are burning wood
Trees sway in the wind
The stars wink from up above
Going on camp is like home

I feel like a puppy,
Ready to have lots of fun
We look through windows
We hover over the clouds
The plane swims in the blue sky

Boy overboard response

in class we read the first part of Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman.I liked the similes and metaphors. The language was very descriptive and I understood what was happening in the story. I now think I would like to read a story by Morris Gleitzman because his books seem very interesting.

I know that so far in the book that Jamal has tried to score a goal but couldn’t because he sliced the ball with his foot.


Morris Gleitzman

Fun, happy, creative, famous
Brother of Nick and Melanie,
Lover of books, children and family,
Who feels happy, inspired and proud,
Who needs to get more ideas, be more creative and write more books,
Who gives inspiration, happiness and ideas,
Who fears no books, sadness and no imagination,
Who would like to see the world,
Who lived in England and now lives in Australia,

New time of year

Another year had gone by and the season was back. The day started up dark and wet. Everything was still and cold. But when the golden sun appeared everything was back to drying up and waiting for the rain to come back. The breeze pushed the dead leaves across the dry fields that will soon transform. Trees were losing their beloved leaves, ready to grow new ones. It was now the time of year when you had to enjoy your last days with the ray of the sun.

Hello everyone!

Welcome visitors!

My name is Zoe. Welcome to my amazing blog. I am 11 years old and I am in class 6B.

Now I will tell you about myself. First, I would to tell you that I am the KPS Fitness Leader. I just love school! I believe it is great fun! I love all animals, especially elephants! In my spare time I like to sketch.