Hello everyone!

Welcome visitors!

My name is Zoe. Welcome to my amazing blog. I am 11 years old and I am in class 6B.

Now I will tell you about myself. First, I would to tell you that I am the KPS Fitness Leader. I just love school! I believe it is great fun! I love all animals, especially elephants! In my spare time I like to sketch.


3 thoughts on “Hello everyone!

  1. Hello Zoe,

    You seem like a creative, kind, caring person. I love animals as well. It seems we have some of the same interests. Do you love sport? Let me know.

    Bye, Holly.

    • Hi Holly, it’s Zoe.
      Just to let you know, I’ve played netball ever since I was in grade 3. P.E has always been fun for me.
      Chat to me soon!

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